Safe, Compliant Waste Management

Prime Environmental provides complete waste transportation and disposal services.

Elements of our waste disposal services include:

  • Waste pre-qualification screening and sampling
  • Waste tracking (hazardous and non-hazardous manifesting)
  • Pre-shipment labelling and inspection
  • Treatment and disposal facility screening

With Prime Environmental, our customers can select from an assortment of waste treatment and disposal options.

Fully licensed

Our liquid waste treatment facilities are fully licensed and permitted by regional and local governments. These facilities use physical separation, chemical and biological treatment and sludge dewatering technologies to remove solids and other contaminants before discharging a treated effluent to the sanitary sewer that meets the pre-treatment requirements of their respective local city governments.

Recyclable materials such as oil and grease are captured and made available for beneficial reuse, typically as a fuel. All remaining solids are normally sent to an approved landfill for final disposal. In addition, there is a growing potential for grease trap waste solids in alternative environmental friendly disposal methodologies such as composting and biogas recovery.

Our licensed and approved facilities can provide treatment alternatives including:

Waste Acceptance

Each load is manifested with a Prime Environmental Waste Profile number and is tracked through the treatment process. Upon arrival, Prime Environmental lab technicians retrieve a sample which is run through a comprehensive series of tests to confirm that the waste material is consistent with the pre-approved sample taken at your business site.

All approved material is offloaded inside the treatment facility’s main processing building.

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